A. Sluga
"Amazing food and seamless interaction with the crowd, but not obtrusive in his preparation [of hors d'oeuvres for the cocktail party]."

M. Blackburn
"Being served each meal was incredible. Our chef explained what was in each item, and in some instances where the ingredients came from. The presentation was first class, even adding chocolate shavings to the dessert. This was used for our first anniversary and we would certainly do it again."

T. Zappia
"[Chef] Nicolas was amazing. My parents had such a good time they couldn't stop smiling when they told me about it, they said the food was incredible as well!!  Being such a special night for them [their wedding anniversary] we couldn't have picked anything better, we will definitely use [Chef Experiences] again and I will be sure to forward your info to my client list. Overall experience....20 (out of 10)"

L. Godwin
"Abhishek was both a fantastic chef and teacher. In addition to the cooking lesson, we appreciated the little tips he taught us such as freezing any leftover baguettes for later use.  The hors d'oeuvres and entree that he prepared were absolutely delicious! We savoured every morsel.  Thank you Chef Abhishek for a great experience! 10/10"

J. Bennett
"Ajeen was outstanding.....he was very personable, knowledgeable, patient and an excellent instructor (I would highly recommend him to friends). 10/10"

S. Jordan-Knox
​"Lisa was such a pleasure to have in our home. Every moment to the random questions I had about preparing the food to just the over all conversation. The food was beyond anything we could of hoped for. I was ready to adopt her into our family. We loved every bite and the experience. My friends couldn't stop talking about it the next day. Her fresh and healthy take on food was refreshing and made us crave more. We will definitely do this again. And we will request her if possible. Thank you so much for making an amazing experience for my husbands birthday. We are now talking about wanting to do this again very soon. There was no highlights. The whole experience was the full highlight."

A. Kurilla
​"Everything was very wonderful. Coming home from work and being the one sitting at the island rather than the one cooking was great! The overall interaction with Michelle was great! We enjoyed discussing food and learning a few tips. A great experience and a wonderful gift."

K. Ivanov

"We had a very enjoyable dinner party on Saturday.  My friends were very impressed by the wonderful Chef.  Dinner was very tasty.  We will never forget it!  Thank you for arranging everything."

S. Hollins

"We cannot begin to tell you what a truly memorable experience we had on Saturday evening. Chef Paul was a delight!  He was very personable and at the same time very professional.  We chose the following menu: Saffron risotto with Sautéed Tiger Prawns drizzled with sweet green onion vinaigrette. Pan roasted  rib eye steak with roasted shallots and red wine jus  accompanied by  fresh green beans  and stuffed baked potato Profiteroles with vanilla parfait and warm caramel drizzle.  The meal was nothing short of perfection!  Each course was amazing – from presentation to taste.  The added bonus of not having to clean up a kitchen was wonderful too!  The couple we shared the evening with are very special to us and we were thrilled that the evening reflected that.  They too were very impressed.  Kudos to Chef Paul.  He really made the evening spectacular.  We certainly will not hesitate to contact The Chef Alliance again.  Thank you very much."

C. Wyhoda

"Punctuality - 10; Appearance -10; Courtesy - 10; Plate presentation - 10; Taste - 10; Overall Experience - 6 - just kidding! 10 again.  Andrew was great - our daughter was home sick that night so he even made sure she got some soup and salad... We had a wonderful experience - thank you"

J. Barrett

"It is Monday morning and I am still thinking about the great dinner we had Saturday night.  The food was absolutely delicious!  It was all put together and served first class. Airon, the chef and Monica, the server were very nice and Airon explained each coarse as it was served.  Our guests were absolutely thrilled with the whole experience as my husband and myself. We thank you again for making his birthday night so special."

T. Sharma

"My wife and I received this gift certificate for our wedding last year.  At first, we didn't know quite what to expect.  Now that we've actually experienced having a personal chef cook for us at home, we will be buying these for all of our friends who are getting married.  It was unbelievable!  I think it was the best present we received.  We'll never forget it!  Please say "Thank you" to Chef Anita - she was wonderful!"

A. Grier

"It was a wonderful experience for us.  It was almost like a dream for me, providing our friends with such a delicious, well presented meal and to look at my kitchen when it was all over and there was not a dirty dish in sight!!! "

J. Watson

"Personality, timing, talent, all was terrific - we were so pleased with Cheff Chadd and the experience!  We had a great time, with great food; I am so glad that I decided to host this dinner, and so grateful you were able to find us a Chef at such a late date, especially one as personable as Chef Chadd.  Thanks so much!"

B. Glave

"Hi Customer Relations, The Chef Alliance: I have just said good-night to 3 very happy guests, they enjoyed an excellent meal prepared by Chef Courtney.  Even though, Chef Courtney was busy preparing our meal, he took time out to answer all the ladies questions as to preparation and ingredients.  We were very impressed when our beef was served to our exact specification as all four of us chose different timing. The meal was perfect, the presentation was artistic and we all ageed that we would go for another culinary adventure but only with Chef Courtney as he made the experience a huge success. My daughter, who gave me the gift certificate for Xmas, called to see how the evening went and I was very pleased to tell her it was the best present ever. Thank you, and I hope you have a good day."

L. Saint

"Chef Eleni was a delight... she did a lovely meal and was just a delight to have in my home."

M. Fisher

"Thank you for asking for our feedback.  I have to admit that we were overwhelmed with the professionalism with which Chef Andrew conducted our dinner.  Chef Andrew and my husband had e-mailed and spoken on the telephone to determine our menu for the evening and we were totally satisfied with the results.  Our Dinner Guests had not heard of the Chef Alliance Gifts that are available through the Life Experiences offered through Shoppers Drug Mart and they indicated that they would also be looking into either purchasing the Chef Experience as gifts for others or purchasing the Chef Experience for themselves.  We hope that more of our friends and associates will take advantage of the In-Home Bistro Experience with Chef Alliance and you may be assured that we will promote the events, too... Thank you again.  We really enjoyed the pampering and the very high-end cuisine."

T. Rich

"Chef David was great!  His food was absolutely delicious and he is quite a character!  I got tons of compliments.  Thank you for the introduction!  The bartender was amazing as well"

Linda H.

"I am writing to thank the Canadian Personal Chef Alliance for the exquisite dining experience that we and our guests enjoyed on Tuesday May 5, 2009 with Chef Courtney.  Negotiating a four-course menu with four fastidious guests must have been a challenge in itself.  We had one pesca-vegetarian, one meat eater, one cholesterol intolerant person and another who disliked certain popular vegetables.  For example, Chef Courtney’s initial suggestions included “Paupiettes of Sole stuffed with shrimps and spinach.”  This sounded delicious to our pesce-vegetarian except for the shrimp, which she will not eat; another guest approved of everything except the spinach.  Chef Courtney improvised by suggesting a fresh-salmon mousse stuffing which was greatly appreciated by all of us.  Another special request came from me.  I asked Chef Courtney if he could delay preparation of the dinner until 5:30 p.m., so that I could learn first-hand how an expert chef conducts himself in an ordinary kitchen.  Chef Courtney kindly obliged me, preparing most of the meal from scratch before my eyes – even the canapés.  It was a unique privilege for me to watch a master at work.  Throughout the preparation, he calmly and generously shared his knowledge and experience, even sharing the recipes of the few things that had to be prepared in advance.  Another inconvenience for Chef Courtney was that we had chosen our friends’ house as the venue, to accommodate their new-born baby, and therefore had little information about existing kitchen equipment. He took all such complications and special requests in his stride, providing all of the dishes and cookware for the meal.   Instead of providing only one set of hors-d’oeuvres, he provided and prepared one dozen of three different items. The poached spicy Cajun shrimp with a cool chunky tomato dip was a huge hit with our meat-eaters.  Everyone loved the taste of his pretty tortilla wraps with avocado cheddar cheese and tomato and his baby red tomatoes stuffed with delicious curried tuna dip.  Chef Courtney presented each course as a separate event, adding a certain drama to the evening.  The appetizer was a delectable medley of several colourful lettuces and cabbages with a balsamic mint dressing, adorned with quaint homemade crispy breads stuffed with feta, apples and grapes.  The entree featured the above-mentioned Paupiettes of sole stuffed with fresh salmon mousse.  These were attractively served over molded cakes of mixed wild and Basmati rice, shredded seasonal vegetables encircled with a fresh-tasting and colourful lemon dressing.  The peach cobbler dessert was a delicious finale to a great meal.  Whereas pie crusts generally serve as a way-station on one’s way to the fruit, the crust on Courtney’s peach cobbler would have served as a delicious dessert in itself.  It was a separate education to note how quickly and efficiently a master-chef can clean up a kitchen after a complicated meal.  In summary, we are most grateful to Chef Courtney and the Canadian Personal Chef’s Alliance for the extraordinary four-course meal graciously and expertly provided to us.  It was perfect in every way.  It would be very impressive if all of the chefs in the Alliance could meet Chef Courtney Smith’s high standards of creativity, expertise and grace under pressure.  With sincere thanks from us and our two guests,"

A. Rossi

"My husband and I received this as a house-warming gift from our realtor.  The whole thing was wonderful from start to finish; everyone I dealt with was very professional and did their best to make it as easy to do as possible.  The Chef was simply amazing; there are no other words to describe his culinary delights!  I will definitely do this again - I just hope I don't have to move house to do it!  I will also have to thank Mike, my realtor - I'll be referring him to everyone!"

H. Humphrey

"Thank you for your professionalism in helping me and my wife to bring about our cocktail party last week.  The whole process was seamless, from the booking to discussing the menu with the chef.  It was like having an event co-ordinator, but with more control and input - at our age, we know what we want, and like to be listened to!!!  My firm is having an employee appreciation event in the summer, and I have already recommended that they use your service."

S. Armitage

"Our chef made the most delicious meal last night.  The salmon was perfectly cooked.  Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!  My mother-in-law (one of our guests) has called twice today already, to thank us!  So Thank You, Chef Alliance, because she's usually complaining about something I've done wrong - Ha, Ha!  Just joking!  The whole evening has left my wife and I feeling so refreshed. We've been working so hard, & the dinner has helped recharge the old batteries!  We'll be calling you again soon."

G. Nuggent

"We had an excellent experience with Stephan.  Stephan is very professional.  Once we finished playing phone tag all of the details that were needed were provided.  All of our guests had a great time.  We would definitely recommend him to friends."

C. Simpson

"Sorry it has taken awhile to get feedback from our recent BBQ... Our chef's name was Chef Kevin. The BBQ was for 10 people on June 28th. The entire evening was EXCEPTIONAL. 10 out of 10 for everything. Thanks."

A. Menjivar

"This was a great experience and I will definitely do it again! Chef Ali took the time to explain lots of different things to us - from salt to the way to reduce the acid etc.  Ali great and made the meal fun and educational."

D. Colville

"Chef James and Todd left just a while ago. We had so much fun with them, and they were outstanding. It was a great experiance and I plan to let everyone know what a great job they did and I myself plan to do it again. I just will not loose the certificate again!! I want to plan a New Years party and will keep them in mind. Thank -you so much for your help!!"

Mr Gold

"I am writing to thank you dearly for the unbelievable kindness and excitement you have offered me. I only wish I could express in words how much I appreciate what you have given me.  The shock and delight I experienced when I came face to face with some of the finest and most delicious [Indian cuisine] was phenomenal.  Your recipes will enable me and my family to enjoy homemade flavours always.  Thank you kindly."

J. Princeton

"Is there a word for so-delicious-and-better-than-the-best-meal-I-have-ever-tasted ?  Thank you for an unforgettable dinner.  It was certainly the best anniversary present we have ever received!"

K. Nolan

"Hoping to win the lottery so that we can hire you full-time!  Thanks for a great evening!"

K. Kirwood

"This was a wonderful experience.  The chef/food/presentation was amazing.  My mother told all her friends that this was her best birthday ever!  Thank you!"

J. McKenna

"None of our friends had ever experienced their own chef, and I'm so thankful to my assistant for researching and suggesting this for my wedding shower.  We had such a wonderful, relaxing, memorable time - just watching and talking to the chef while she cooked, eating her wonderful food, drinking fantastic wine, laughing, singing, dancing... so much better than going out!  Now that the wedding is over, I'll be sharing this type of chef experience with my adorable hubbie!"

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