J. Vaccaro
Ms. Vaccaro booked a Cooking Lesson Chef Experience for a Bachelorette Party.
"[Our Personal Chef] was amazing!! His menu was delicious. [He] was very professional, entertaining and informative. I would recommend him to everyone. We were all so happy with our meal, many saying "that was the best food I have ever tasted!!!"

M. McMillan
"[The Chef Experience dinner] was fantastic. Great Chef...food was incredible. I loved relaxing with friends and having a beautiful meal prepared for us. 10/10"

D. McDowell
"My husband and I received [Dinner for 2] gift card… as a wedding gift last October…  The highlight was most definitely meeting [our Chef].  She was delightful, engaging, professional and made the entire event for us!"

J. McKenna
"None of our friends had ever experienced their own chef, and I'm so thankful to my assistant for researching and suggesting this for my wedding shower.  We had such a wonderful, relaxing, memorable time - just watching and talking to the chef while she cooked, eating her wonderful food, drinking fantastic wine, laughing, singing, dancing... so much better than going out! Now that the wedding is over, I'll be sharing this type of chef experience with my adorable hubbie!"

​J. MacDonald
"10/10.  Our Chef was absolutely fabulous!  She made our experience more enjoyable than we could have imagined.  It didn't occur to me in advance to let the chef know we had an 8 month puppy but to our delight she wasn't the least bit put out by her!  We have already recommended the Chef Experience to multiple people as a result of the wonderful chef, amazing food, and overall great experience we had.  Carissa deserves a giant Kudos for her work.  I hope other people are fortunate enough to take part in an experience like this."

G. Horner
​"Chef Bojan was very professional and the evening was as much a chef demonstration as it was a dining experience.  It was amazing how consistently he worked at preparing the courses and was non-stop for the time he was here.  The attention to detail and the exacting preparation with everything done from scratch was truly amazing."

J. Marshe
"From start to finish our chef was nothing short of amazing.  He turning cooking dinner into a magical romantic experience.  We will definitely hire him again and I've begun telling all of my friends about him.  Thank you for making my wife's birthday perfect."

P. Brown
"Our dinner party was a blast. It was such a pleasure to have someone else cooking for us. David was very accommodating, and his food was simply scrumptious! Thanks for everything"

M. Calder
"My husband arrived home early enough to take part and has attempted to make the appetizer since the event. 9/10"

Y. Allen
"​The whole experience was terrific. Chef Morris arrived on time and prepared an excellent meal which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. He was very efficient and personable; the food was well prepared and displayed, and tasted delicious. Every course was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. He also cleaned up after very well.He made the evening very special and we would not hesitate to recommend him and/or have him in our home again."

K. Pham

“What a great service!  We will recommend this to friends & associates and will use it again.  The chef you sent us was very professional, and the food was A1.”

S. Grewal

“The food was astounding and we all ate WAY too much!!  Chef Chris was charming, knowledgeable and friendly yet he knew when to be discreet and let us talk to our guests.  It was an unforgettable night, and we will do it again for our next anniversary.”        

P. Smith

“Thanks for helping us find a replacement Chef at such short notice.  We would have had to close the restaurant otherwise.  Next time you’re in Manitoba, dinner is on us!”    

A. Cunningham

“Thank you Chef Alliance, for restoring sanity to our household!!  Dinner is no longer stressful now that Chef Karmen is looking after things.  Her bi-weekly service is always a much anticipated event, as we wait to taste her culinary delights!  Even though Bill and I haven’t been trying to, we have both lost several pounds, simply by not snacking when we get home, and eating Karmen’s healthy, home-cooked dinners.”    

My Thai Restaurant

“a good resource for restaurants who need good, qualified staff.  will use it again.”    

T. Timmerans

"The food was excellent, but even better was our interaction with chef Justin. Throughout the experience, he chatted aimiably with us while maintaining a highly professional demeanor. The combination ensured a uniquely intimate and memorable experience. Also, not only did he pprepare and serve the meal with great expertise, but he also cleaned up. What a treat that was!
I would also like to thank Justin for going the extra mile to provide me with a list of ingredients, including quantities, so that I could calculate the number of carbohydrates in each dish and accurately determine how much insulin to inject for my diabetes. It is usually very difficult for diabetics to control their blood sugar when eating out, because you never really know what ingredients the chef has used and in what quantity. Justin's provision of ingredients and amounts eliminated that problem, and I successfully injected the correct amount of insulin to keep my blood sugar within normal levels. Much appreciated."

J. Poppitt

"10/10. We really enjoyed our experience with Yann!  We especially enjoyed his conversation, and passion for organic food.  We were able to get some great advice on local organic options.  He was very interesting and the food was excellent and healthy!"

D. Trubela

"Dress & Appearance - terrific
Courtesy -  another terrific - he was gracious
Taste - OMG the best ever money spent - my husband still claims that was THE best steak he has EVER had in his life - wonderful meal - absolutely wonderful
Overall Experience - excellent - will do it again
Additional Comments - the chef was fantastic - he offered suggestions in purchasing meat, offered tips and tricks - i could not have asked for a better experience - my guests we delighted - best [money] I ever spent - afterall - you only turn 40 once - my husband was soo happy - i just can't say enough wonderful things - [the Chef] is excellent...! he came so well prepared and organized - he is a star!  we got a little freaked out when the fire alarms went off when he cooked of the shrimp but I would never trade it in - he is absolutly fatastic! i am so happy I chose the personal chef alliance versus a local caterer - i don't think we would have received the same experience- i will definitely use your service again and hopefully we get chef walsh again too. Please pass these comments along to him - he is wonderful."

K. Wellesley

"An incredible experience, better then a spa day! Our experience with Chef Jonathan surpassed all expectation! Jonathan is very professional, personable and is good with follow up. He provided suggestions before the dinner and was flexible with scheduling. He arrived on time and was very engaging. Jonathan shared techniques, his expertise and advice. We all enjoyed his stories. The presentation, aromas, textures, flavours and combinations were a masterpiece! A five star dining experience! We can't wait to do it again."

S. Stevens

​"Delicious food. No shopping. No cooking. No stress. No dishes. That's my idea of a PERFECT NIGHT!"

P. Brown

​"Thanks Sonia, our dinner party was a blast. It was such a pleasure to have someone else cooking for us. David was very accommodating, and his food was simply scrumptious! Thanks for everything,"

D. Puckering

​"Don and I, and our guests, would like to let you know, what a wonderful experience we had with Chef Jono, Saturday Aug.16 / 08 Chef Jono started us off with four wonderful appetizers, followed by his Signature Wedding Bouquet Salad. Our main course was the beef dish, and the black cod dish, which were both very tasty. We found Chef Jono very entertaining and full of an abundance of information for everyone, from Barbequing, to product information. Very helpful to know, what is actually in some of the food which we consume every day. Once again BRAVO TO CHEF JONO. We would most definitely, welcome Chef Jono back to our home."

J. O'Keefe

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening last night. The food was delicious and of course not having to cook or clean was a real bonus. After you left we went to the kitchen to tidy-up, but there was nothing left to do! Thank you once again."

H. Nolen

"There are no words to describe our chef experience effectively, except to say that it was one of the most memorable evenings of our lives. Thank you."

S. Brown

"The food was delicious. The atmosphere was relaxed because I didn't have to excuse myself to check on the food every few minutes. Chef Howard was knowledgeable, passionate about food and very friendly. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful evening."

C. Hartmann

"It was a great experience. Chef Ally made the whole night enjoyable with an explanation of all courses and ingredients served. He also recommended wine pairings that complimented all dishes. Please pass along an extra thanks to Chef Alley and we hope to call on him in the near future."

J. Dillman

"Food was excellent, rivalled many of the better restaurants I have eaten in Overall Experience 10, I would consider an in home chef again any time."

​M. Budd

"I hate to give all 10s, because it seems like I didn’t put any thought into it…but really, Chef Robbie deserves it, the meal was outstanding!"

C. Locatelli

"Our night was a success thanks to [Chef] Erin and her assistant Steve. Very professional and how she got those mussels in place is a mystery... I would definitely hire Erin and Asst again and now that we know each other, the second time around will be twice as great!!... Overall Experience a 10!!"

B. McGowan​

"This was such a treat – we will definitely do it again! Steve was incredible, the food was awesome and all of our guests were totally impressed!!!! Being busy working parents with 2 active teenagers, if we had Steve’s help more often, we would definitely entertain more!"

F. O'Malley

"I wish I could have Chef Laura cook for us every night. This was a real treat. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thanks for arranging everything for me, Sonia."

A. Horton

"20/10!!! You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! What a blast! We are going to book these cooking classes more often! We had so much fun. I’m going to try this recipe when my mother-in law visits next month! Can’t wait to see her face!"

A. Knowles

"Chef Kevin made our 10th anniversary dinner one of the most magical nights ever  Why we ever celebrated at a restaurant is beyond me!  This was just perfect.  will do it again and again... Thanks you, Chef Alliance!"

S. Mortimer

"Last night we learned to cook my favourite dish - Thai Red Curry. Everything was made from scratch, so the flavours were so fresh and yummy. This will be a regular on our menu, and I don't think I'll ever eat this dish in a restaurant again, now that I know what it SHOULD taste like. Awesome experience. I'll be giving your number to my girlfriends. Please say thank you to Chef Patrick -he was so easy to work with!"

S. Duffy

"My sister bought this dinner for two gift certificate for me for my Baby Shower. We left little Alex with my mom for the evening. Being at home and not having to do any work was such a breath of fresh air, and definitely recharged my batteries! I think this is the best gift that anyone can give a new mom. I feel like a new person!"

P. Oakes

"As you know, Sonia, I wanted to do something special when I proposed to Gillian, and my secretary suggested calling you guys. The chef created a wonderful menu, he was courteous yet unobtrusive while we were eating, and cleaned up without any fuss. A true professional. It was the perfect night for everyone. My secretary is now getting a big fat bonus this year, Chef Howard got a hefty tip and I got the answer I wanted because GILLIAN SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ll be calling you when we start looking for caterers!"

L. Barnes

"Memories of our trip to Spain flooded back when we ate dinner last night! Thanks, Chef Carlos, for designing such a delicious menu. I will have to get the recipes – or even better have you back to teach us!"

D. O'Keefe

"We thoroughly enjoyed our experience. Chef Anita was wonderful and extremely pleasant to deal with. She went out of her way to make me a separate meal from the others, as I am vegetarian. It was a fantastic evening enjoyed by everyone and we would strongly recommend this service to our friends. Thank you very much."


Our Personal Chefs are among the best in their profession.  From locally acclaimed chefs to celebrity chefs, they have trained at the finest culinary institutions, worked with some of the greatest chefs of our time or at top resorts, restaurants and hotels around the world.  They are located across Canada and have diverse culinary backgrounds to suit your needs - from everyday cooking and unique gifts to special events, promotions and cooking demos, we have the perfect solution.