A Chef for a gift!

Memories to last a lifetime are yours when you indulge in a chef service that has been completely customised to suit your needs - you select the type of service, the number of courses, and the number of people to enjoy the experience.

Below, are some popular ideas

In-Home Dining
Treasure an evening with loved ones and great food, all without any stress.  Your Chef will design a menu just for your event, shop for fresh ingredients, prepare and serve dinner and even wash the dishes and tidy up the kitchen!  What more could you ask for?

Cooking Lessons
Enjoy cooking?  Our Chef will assist you with perfecting your own Signature Dish during a Cooking Class. 

Black Box and Iron Chef Events
For something a little different, watch as our Chef creates a culinary masterpiece only using the ingredients in your fridge and pantry... all in a limited amount of time. Then, as the Chef cleans up, you enjoy the meal that has been prepared.

Customised Meals

Perfect for busy professionals or new parents, this service provides you with a selection of fresh, tailor-made entrees, which are left in your fridge or freezer, ready for those busy nights when you have no time to cook.

Cocktail Parties

This gift is ideal for those who love to entertain - our Chef will create a selection of handmade canapes, platters or live cooking stations to suit your needs.

Our Personal Chefs are among the best in their profession.  From locally acclaimed chefs to celebrity chefs, they have trained at the finest culinary institutions, worked with some of the greatest chefs of our time or at top resorts, restaurants and hotels around the world.  They are located across Canada and have diverse culinary backgrounds to suit your needs - from everyday cooking and unique gifts to special events, promotions and cooking demos, we have the perfect solution.